Barcelona 2016

La Misericordia

Commissioned by BioBui (l) T-Txema volunteers project for BaM-Bioarquitectura Mediterránea arquitecture association from Barcelona.

This big piece production was a important part of the activities during BioBui (l)
T-Txema project.

Aiming to build a space for the community development with ecological materials. Also at the same time this mural wants to pay tribute to the neighbors of this neighborhood.

Huge black and white photographs along the church walls, the mural was displayed on the abandoned church of Misericordia on Montalegre Street, number 4, Barcelona. Where BioBui (l) T-Txema team project was placed too.

This project wanted to honor arquitect Txema de Miguel, passed away during
the project.

The characters are just Raval´s neighborgs...
Abu is a Senegalese inmigrant, Mónica is a well known prostitute and Anatoli is a gypsy Bulgarian inmigrant.

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