Teo Vázquez: 1975.

Born in Cádiz.  Son of the Eastern winds. Companion of the Western winds.  Educated at the ‘Hackney Community College’ in London and the ‘Institut d’Estudis Fotográfics de Catalunya’.  Resident of Barcelona.  Urban art.  Portraiture. Documentary photography. The streets. On the move. Pilgrimage. Wheeling and dealing. Pilgrims.  Cults and culture. Hand in hand. Public space. Interventions.  Looking after the of the city’s citizens.  The streets. Lots of time on the streets.  Men and women who promised to love each other above all the building tiles. Experiment. Exhibitions. Murals. Projects. Advertising. Archeology of primitive thinking. The axis of evil. My family is well, thanks. Don’t wait up, I'll be home late. Goodbye, white chimney flower.

Teo Vázquez: 1975. Gaditano. Hijo del levante. Compadre del poniente. Formado entre el ‘Hackney Community College’ de Londres y el ‘Institut d’Estudis Fotográfics de Catalunya’. Empadronado en Barcelona. Arte urbano. Retrato. Fotografía documental. Calle. Tránsito. Peregrinaje. Tejemanejes. Peregrinos. El culto y La cultura. Los dos cogidos de la mano. Espacio público. Intervenciones. Cuidad la Ciudad Cuidadanos. Calle. Mucha calle. Hombres y mujeres que prometieron amarse por sobre encima de todas las baldosas. Experimentar. Exposiciones. Murales. Proyectos. Publicidad. Arqueología del pensamiento cafre. El Eje del Mal. La Familia Bien Gracias. No me esperes despierto, volveré tarde. Adiós, blanca flor de chimenea.

Text by Yuri José
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There was an explosion, and in the pieces of that explosion, time froze in a time of thaw.  People, trapped in small fragments of their daily life: uprooted, uncommunicated, hope, winks, jokes. The XXI century is urging. We have to pray. Act of faith. To the wifi that is everywhere, but nobody sees.

“Act of faith”, Yuri José
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